Learning CNC is one of the most rewarding journeys you can take. Starting with just an idea and some raw material — a sheet of plywood, for example — a CNC machine can help you create a finished product that’s instantly ready for mass manufacture.

Industries are rapidly seeing the benefits of including CNC in their toolset, and there is already a shortage of qualified machine operators.

If you’re at school or university and looking for a career path that will put you in high demand, CNC is the way to go.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been easy to get access to a CNC machine to learn on. In the past, a machine would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and could easily be damaged by an inexperienced operator.

Lately, a number of “desktop CNCs” have entered the market.

These are essentially scaled-down versions of traditional CNC machines, and while they are a lot cheaper, they still require considerable expertise to operate.

Many of them are provided as a kitset that has to be put together by the user. This can be difficult for people who don't have the skills to assemble a kitset.

Vertigo CNC offers the best of both worlds.

Our range of small to medium-size CNCs are priced similar to currently available hobbyist products, but come fully assembled, include comprehensive support, and are built for professional-level accuracy and repeatability with minimal maintenance.

Our unique control software is specifically designed to be easy for beginners to use, and includes guided workflows and safety features not previously seen in a desktop machine.

Our machines are well within the reach of any high school or university. We offer a 5% education discount and a free remote training session with each machine purchased.

For more advanced training needs, we have partnered with CADPRO Systems, who provide tailored training courses in CAD and CAM software.

While there are many CAD/CAM software options available, we strongly recommend Autodesk Fusion 360 software for use with our machine.

CADPRO Systems are experts in this software, and can provide all the training you need for even the most advanced use cases.

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  • Working Area: 600mm x 600mm

  • Ideal for small workshops and garages.

  • Light to medium duty use.

  • Ideal Uses: Engraving, Carving, V-carving, Full 3D carving

  • Materials: Soft wood, Plastics, Foam, Aluminium (engraving only)

UP Mini 2