If you’ve tried your hand at CNC machining before, you’ll be familiar with the range of “desktop CNC” machines available on the market right now. You may have even built one yourself! So what makes Vertigo CNC better?

Build quality is of utmost importance for a machine that needs to retain good accuracy and repeatability over its entire lifetime with minimal maintenance. We are experts in this. Each of our machines are carefully assembled by hand in our factory right here in New Zealand. Where possible, our parts are made in New Zealand -- not in China -- and many of them are precision machined in-house on our Haas vertical milling machine, giving us complete control over the tolerances of our parts.

Whether you’re prototyping a new invention, making custom furniture and homewares, or creating three-dimensional works of art, you need to be able to iterate quickly on your designs. With its powerful Trinamic motor drivers, the Vertigo CNC moves as fast as your creative process does.

Many makers are turning their hobby into a small business. The Vertigo CNC is ideal for that too. With our machine control software, you can easily set up batch jobs of multiple identical parts -- perfect for mass-producing your designs once you’ve finished them. And with Fusion 360 integration via our add-in, your workflow is even easier!

Recommended Products



  • Working Area: 1200mm x 600mm

  • Ideal for large workshops and small businesses.

  • Heavy duty use.

  • Ideal Uses: Short runs of larger parts, e.g. signmaking.

  • Materials: Wood, Plastics, Foam, Aluminium



  • Working Area: 1200mm x 1200mm

  • Ideal for businesses — vacuum bed provides easy and efficient workholding.

  • Heavy duty use.

  • Ideal Uses: Very large parts, e.g. furniture, or large runs of smaller parts requiring quick loading/unloading.

  • Materials: Wood, Plastics, Foam, Aluminium