CNC Touch probe (X,Y and Z)

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CNC touch probe, capable of full X,Y and Z probing with our added probing macro for CNCjs.

This is ideal for saving time and helping to increase probing and setup accuracy.


The Vertigo Technologies designed touch probe features a recessed pocket to allow for quick and easy stock alignment. It also features a status LED. 

Package Includes

  • Touch probe (with 3m cable)
  • CNCjs Macro 
  • Getting started guide 


This probe will work out of the box with all Gen2 Vertigo CNC controller's (Gen2 controllers are the grey box that connects to the rear of the router).

The probe will work with all other Vertigo CNC routers but may require an adaptor which we can provide free of charge. Please send us an email after you have ordered so that one can be included. 


The first 30 probes ordered before Thursday 31 January will ship on Friday 8 February.