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Never tried CNC machining? Discover the art of CAD and CAM on our affordable machines, and then use it to make whatever you can imagine!

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Already a maker? Take your craft to the next level with a CNC that provides more power, accuracy, and versatility than a hobbyist machine - without the extra price tag!

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Still using manual machine tools in your business? Find out how CNC machining can streamline your workflow and save you hundreds of hours, all while improving the quality of your products!

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  • Working Area: 600mm x 600mm

  • Ideal for small workshops and garages.

  • Light to medium duty use.

  • Ideal Uses: Engraving, Carving, V-carving, Full 3D carving

  • Materials: Soft wood, Plastics, Foam, Aluminium (engraving only)



  • Working Area: 1200mm x 600mm

  • Ideal for large workshops and small businesses.

  • Heavy duty use.

  • Ideal Uses: Short runs of larger parts, e.g. signmaking.

  • Materials: Wood, Plastics, Foam, Aluminium



  • Working Area: 1200mm x 1200mm

  • Ideal for businesses — vacuum bed provides easy and efficient workholding.

  • Heavy duty use.

  • Ideal Uses: Very large parts, e.g. furniture, or large runs of smaller parts requiring quick loading/unloading.

  • Materials: Wood, Plastics, Foam, Aluminium

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Full Sheet


  • Working Area: 1200mm x 2400mm. Free-standing.

  • Holds a standard size sheet of material.

  • Heavy duty use. NEMA 34 motors and Rack & Pinion drive system provide greater torque and accuracy over large distances.

  • Ideal Uses: Very large parts, or harder materials requiring increased cutting power.

  • Materials: Wood, Plastics, Foam, Aluminium

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