CHAMFER 0.25D 0.25SHK 1F 0.467FL 0.467LBS 58OAL 30DEG

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The ChipX CM025-025-1F-30DG-58 chamfer mill is specially designed for desktop CNC routers such as the Vertigo machines. It provides great cutting performance in a variety of materials such as timber, ply, MDF, plastics, and can even be used on aluminium. The 1/4″ shank size allows you to use most trim routers without adapters

Product Data
Cutter Type Chamfer Mill
Brand ChipX
Coating None
Coolant None
Corner Radius 0in (0mm)
Length Below Shank 0in (0mm)
Unit System mm
Workpiece Material ISO N Non-Ferrous Materials
Diameter 6.35mm
Shank Diameter 0.25in (6.35mm)
Tip Angle 30°
Flutes 1
Flute Length 11.8mm
Overall Length 58mm