The Flexible Polyester Natural Shore 45D filament is a blend of rigid polymer and soft polymer. Ideal for printing strong yet flexible components; the printed parts can withstand pressure while still retain its original printed state and shape. The great thing about the Flexible Polyester filament is that you can print with support and support removal is really easy!

What does Shore 45D mean?

Shore 45D refers to the hardness of the material. On the Shore Hardness scale, Shore D denotes hard materials while Shore A denotes softer materials; the higher the number, the harder and more rigid the material is. Typically, Shore 45D material will produce parts that are comparable to skateboard wheels.

Printing Guidelines on the UP Printers
Product Name Flexible Polyester Natural Shore 45D 500g filament
Material Flexible Polyester
Filament Diameter 1.75mm +/- 0.10mm
Filament weight / length 1 x 500g
Extrusion Temperature ABS+ setting: 274c or Custom setting: 270-278c
270-274 for 150um and below at fine speed, 274-278 for 200um and above at normal speed.
Bed Temperature 90c, Pre-heat for 1 minute and start printing when the temperature reaches to 40 - 50c. Works best with UP Flex adhesive on bed.
Spooling Important: filament reel must free spool so that there is no drag when unwinding, best to put filament on a bearings.
Spool Plastic, vacuum packed with desiccant